This film is an adaptation of the phenomenally novel Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata. This film directed by Riri Riza and scenario written by Salman Aristo.

The first day of the opening of the new class in Muhammadiyah elementary school become very stressful for two dedicated teachers, Bu Muslimah (Cut Mini) and Pak Harfan (Ikranagara), and 9 students who wait at the school which is located in the village Gantong, Belitong. Because if it does not reach the 10 students enrolled, the school will be closed.

That day, Harun, a special needs student come within last minute to save them by joining the school. The 10 students who later were named Laskar Pelangi by Bu Muslimah then create unforgettable story.

5 years together, Bu Mus, Pak Harfan and to 10 students with a unique character of each, struggled to continue to go to school. Among the various challenges and pressure to surrender, Ikal (Zulfani), Lintang (Ferdian) and Mahar (Veris Yamarno) with their talent and intelligence emerged as the saviour of their school spirit.

In the midst of an effort to keep the school, they lose their loved figure. Can the obstacles stop their effort for schooling?

The film is filled with stories about the challenges living in the Belitong (South Sumatera) in 70. It is included a contrary living between ‘poor school’ by government and ‘rich school’ owned by mining company. It is full of emotion and story about the struggle to reach the dream of life, and the beauty of friendship that saves human lives, with the background of a beautiful island that once one of the richest islands in Indonesia.

The film ends with big Ikal (Lukman Sardi) to meet with Lintang (Ario Bayu) who dropped out of school because his father died. Ikal needs to explain the success of his dream, got a scholarship to Paris.

As of March 2009, Laskar Pelangi watched by 4.6 million people, making it the 4th most watched movie in Indonesia after Jelangkung with 5.7 million, Pocong 2 with 5.1 million, and Ada Apa Dengan Cinta by 4, 9 million.

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