Strengthening the Understanding of Pluralism,Good Governance and Local Autonomy through Pesantrens in West Java. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the community resource capacity in West Java by improving their understanding about social life in general, pluralism, good governance and regional autonomy. Partnered with CIDA. The program focused on workshops in 6 areas in west java. Those were :

Workshop 1, 30 March 2008 at Pesantren Hayatan Thayyibah, Sukabumi. Speakers Prof. Dr. Dedy Ismatullah, SH, MH and M. Imdadun Rahmat, M.Si. Worksop attended by 45 persons from various background, fom pesantren, students, and community leaders local organizations.  The issues discussed were about 1. less attention from government to pesantren, 2. less discussion about the future of pesantren.


Workshop 2, 30 March 2008 at Pesantren Darussalam, Ciamis.Speakers : KH. Hasan Bisri, M.Ag and Iir Abdul Haris, M.Ag and attended by 56 participants. Issues raised during the workshop were about:1.less understanding about the term multiculturalism, 2 less understanding and dialogue towards religion community. The participants then agreed to make further cooperation after the workshop.

Workshop 3,  4 April 2008 at Pesantren Persis 1-2, Bandung. Speakers Dr. H. Atip Latifulhayat and Sahrin Hamid, S.H , attended by 50 participants. Issue raised during the workshop was 1. the root of corruotion, 2. the role of religion to combat corruption

Workshop 4, 4 May  2008 at Pesantren Al Ishlah, Bobos, Cirebon. Speaker : Dr. Iis Krisnandar  SH, CN., KH Hussein Muhamad, dan Prof. Dr. Adang Djumhur. The workshop attended by various participants from pesantren and it surrounded community, students, religious leaders as well as community leaders. During the workshop participants had shown their enthusiasm by raising fruitful question. The speakers also gave their perspective through the actual sample in the daily life. From the workshop appeared several problems regarding regional autonomy, multiculturalism and pesantren.


Workshop 5, 11 May 2008 at Pesantren Al Mizan Majalengka. Speaker: KH. Husein Muhammad and KH Maman Imanul Haq Faqieh. From the workshop there were several issues  which were 1. less information regarding the multiculturalism 2. less understanding and dialogue among society. Participants also actively involved during the workshop by raising critical questions. They also raised recommendation to work together as the follow up after workshop.

Workshop 6, 31 May 2008 at Pesantren Cipasung, Tasikmalaya, Speaker: Acep Zam-zam Noer and K. H. Maman Imanulhaq Faqih. Workshop attended by 55 participants from various backgrounds such as pesantren, community organizations and students. There were several big issues discussed which were 1.the root of corruption, 2. the role of religion to combat corruption, 3. the role of religion in creating peace.